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During this past week I have heard the phrase “I’m my own worst enemy” so many times I had to write about it. It really is a phrase that many people use often. Becoming your own best friend is much more effective for your own health and well being.Here are 4 tips to assist you…1) Be 100% present for you – you will only be successful when you stay 100% present. You must do it for yourself – for your own success. As you build your home based MLM business give it everything you’ve got, don’t leave anything on the table. The people who fail are the ones that treat their business with casual interest, who build their business in “their spare time”. When you are not willing to give it your all then it likely won’t succeed.

2) Take action NOW – There was a study done by major university looking for the common factors in people who were successful in business – that common factor is Speed of Implementation. You might ask why would that be important, the reason is that in order to learn you have to experience. Most people only play the success of their home based business out in their mind and unfortunately talk themselves out of it before it even has a chance to begin. Once you implement you begin to see progress and that progress assists you in taking that next step forward, and the next step, and the next step.3) You must get clear about your why – You are the one who is responsible for keeping yourself motivated. If you are not experiencing the success you want right now then you must change your approach, there is no magic pill. As you build your home based MLM business you will be hit with challenges & obstacles, everyone is. The personal discipline it takes to succeed works way better with a why. It will be your driving force. Have more than one reason/why. You’ve got to be specific, I have a why of sponsoring 100 children with Plan Canada, all the way to having luxury bamboo towels.Put your why in front of you – pictures on the wall, use your computer to gather pictures from everywhere. Your why will pull you forward and help you through the hard times

4) Then you must use your why as a tool – review it before every training. Repeat it out loud to yourself every morning when you first get up and every evening before you go to sleep. This way you will put your brain to work for you because as you go through your day and your training session you will use your imagination to assist you make the why happen! The brain is infinitely powerful and most of the time is juggling stuff that doesn’t usually matter. Reviewing your why sets your compass – your focus and assists you in using your brain for your own good.As a home based MLM business person you are paid for results, focus is critical.

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